chloe anderson Cake#9420fiverr, [email protected]

i am a freelancing hobbyist fullstack developer. i create projects on my freetime as well as performing freelancing jobs. i have been doing this for a few years as a hobbyist.

i write clean, readable, and documentated code in primarily javascript, c#, css (+ scss). i also work in other languages as i adapt per projects, such as c++.

looking for advanced vehicle sirens? here's the official discord server or official download

project cortex

i grew up playing Habbo Hotel and i've always loved the socializing part of it. it had me hooked and it was a big part of how i entered the world of programming.

project cortex is a project that is written in three primary languages: javascript, c#, and scss. the client is written in javascript and is cross platform compatible with any browser or device. neither the client or the server uses any frameworks and everything is written by me. the project uses web sockets for communication between clients and the server.

project cortex links: official discord server or official website